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Body and Soul / Baniÿa Ritual

Savon du monde

Inspired by the various rituals of the world and Russian tradition, this personalized detox treatment focuses on working with your energy to relieve tension and regain balance between mind and body.

Utilyzing the contrast between softness and strength, and linking the inhale and exhale of the breath, the treatment begins with a gentle moment of relaxation and the friction of crushed ice in the heat of our hammam.

You’ll then discover hot veniks (infused birch branches) to stimulate your blood pressure and cardiovascular system, followed by venik compressions to boost the immune system, thanks to the wood sap and essential oils contained in the leaves.

We finish with a body exfoliation with natural soap chosen for its emollient and softening properties, leaving your skin fresh and purified.

A unique, intense and soothing experience that goes deep within to emerge a whole new you.

VAT and service included. By reservation only. Subject to availability. The voucher value cannot be exchanged into cash. In case the amount of the benefit exceeds that of the voucher, it must be supplemented by another form of payment. No good will be accepted beyond its expiration date, that is one year from the date of purchase.

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Beauty oil "Le Jardin Français" (60 €)
An oil with subtle fragrances of peonies and white musk, a concentrate of rare lily, orchid, jasmine or camellia oils to protect the epidermis and nourish it gently.
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